A Basic and Terrifying To-Do List for Fall

I have a lot to get done. Specifically, I need to take action on a slew of ideas. I’ve been wildly inspired lately. This is a complaint. Inspiration is lovely unless you have no system.

I have no system.

This is my to-do/idea list for fall. Not necessarily to be completed this fall. It’s in no particular order because I have no idea how to get organized. But checking things off sounds really good. A list is basic. The fact that my list has sub-lists is the terrifying part.

  • Get started on my apartment podcast
    • Get equipment for said podcast
    • Make a list of episodes
    • Do I want a sponsor/need a sponsor?
    • Get music for podcast
    • Get logo for podcast
  • Get an interview with Patti Smith when she comes to town
    • Follow up with her publisher on that request
    • Pitch said interview to a magazine/website/newspaper
  • Try to freelance for anyone. Just get out there.
    • Who?
  • Write about whether our community healers (yoga teachers, etc.) are equipped to handle modern issues such as white privilege, racism, etc. OR are they more often than not part of the issue?
  • Save money
  • Roast the chicken currently thawing in my fridge
  • Take a decent professional photo
  • Plan a tiki-themed Halloween party for my 30th birthday
  • Join a writing group
    • Start a writing group?
    • Stalk my favorite Chicago writers and join their group
  • Plot out weekly plans so I actually get things done
  • Get my portfolio on my website (in progress – THIS IS A SEMI-WIN)
  • Blog about travel/culture insights before it all leaves my damned brain
  • Blog more in general
  • Just get the first blog post out there.

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