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9 Things I Learned at the World Cheese Championship
Culture, March 2018


Flying Blind: How Airlines Get the Customer Experience So Wrong with So Much Data
Marketing News, February 2018


After a Century of Whispers, Kotex Gets Noisy About Periods
Marketing News, September 2017


How to Build a Global Campaign Sundae
Marketing News, August 2016


Kitchen Conservation
Marketing News, July 2017


Kit Kat Takes a Chance on Social Media
Marketing News, April 2017

The Revolution was #Live
Marketing News, April 2016


Busting Out of the Card Catalog
Marketing News, February 2017


See Me, Feel Me, Watch Me
Marketing News, January 2017


Fumbling the Mascot
Marketing News, November-December 2016


The Out-of-Sight (Out-of-Mind) Female Boomer
Marketing News, October 2016