You and I are not Oprah, and she doesn’t live that way, either

I thought it would be a really fun/cute experiment to spend my evening the way Oprah would want in honor of her birthday today. I assumed that probably meant a face mask, maybe making a gratitude list and certainly texting my Gayle.

To be sure, I did some Googling and found that a woman named Robyn Okrant spent 2008 doing everything Oprah Winfrey suggested. I read an interview with her on Forbes and, while I was expecting some sort of Julie and Julia nonsense blogger cooing on about how she had finally let sunshine into her life, I was instead met with this:

It was incredibly draining, and it made me really sad. It made me sad to think of how many hours I’ve lost–even when I wasn’t doing the project–to blindly following advice and listening to what other people tell me I should be doing to create my own happiness. I wondered how many hours other women have lost in the course of their lives to that.

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